One of the My Life Story companion volumes (movie, TV, book), these books started in October 2012.

Books Edit

Book Name Synopsis Release
Life Begins Their offical family history (2001-2002) October 24, 2012
Oh Noes Rodrick starts to become a bully to Greg. March 13, 2013
Preschool: Holly, Your not Potty Trained?! Greg starts preschool and meets Rowley (only 9 years friendship) and Holly Hills (sadly not potty/toilet trained.) July 26, 2013
Sheninagans The same thing over and over (and over) November 6, 2013
Second Grade Second grade, the Barbie Beach Doll   incident, Heather Hills, third grade and video games. February 27, 2014
Mannyians and Novacaines Manny, a break-in, near arresting, kidnapped (nearly) and problems. May 6, 2014
ButtHole 5th grade ButtHole incident, growing up, and (cue Diary of a Wimpy Kid) middle school. October 12, 2014
Hate Backlashed Heather Hills (finally) coming back after 2 weeks missing, and outcasts, F-'s and fails. January 6, 2015
Life Stress Overly stressed, 7 and 8th grade, Sweet 16 (NOT RODRICK, HIS OLDER BRO TOBY) May 26, 2015
High School 9th grade, getting put in the same phys ed class as Heather Hills October 16, 2015

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