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Diary of a Childish and Friendly Kid is a book series based on Rowley Jefferson and is a spin-off of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


There are 12 confirmed books.The 11th one is the first Special.After the 12th book,the series was continued in Diary of a Childish and Friendly Teenager.

No. Book Title Release Date Summary Month Covered Pages
1 Diary of a Childish and Friendly Kid (book) January 9, 2014 In this book,Rowley moves in Surrey Street with his family.He befriends Greg and starts attending school with him. May-August 220
2 The Childhood End July 15, 2014 This book takes place in the next grade. September-August 301
3 The Middle School Years November 28, 2014 In this book,Rowley and Greg enter Middle School.Here they have many fights,friendship breakups,stress etc. September-November 257
4 Winter Trouble May 14, 2015 The book mainly focuses on their winter break. November-February 250
5 TBA November 9, 2015 It is based on Spring,not much is known about it yet. March-May 290
6 TBA November 2016 TBA June-August 217
7 The Eighth Grade Stress March 7, 2017 This book takes place in their Eighth grade September-November 268
8 TBA September 2017 Rowley and Greg break-up.Rowley is looking for a new friend. December-April 268
9 TBA February 2017 TBA May-June 220
10 TBA October 2017 TBA June-August 268
11 The Finale? 20, February 2019 This book takes place from 9th to 10th grade.(This is the first special book) September (Year 3)-September (Year 4) 402
12 Things have Changed 1 October, 2019 This book takes place in their tenth grade.Rowley and Greg have changed alot and have matured since the past. September - November 298