Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Team Super is the 10th book in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series.

Synopsis Edit

Greg and Holly get together and along with Rowley and a new kid called Ella they make a group called Team Super. Together they make a comic featuring them as main characters. However Rodrick, Heather Hills, Patty Farell and Dennis Root ruin their party

Characters Edit

  • Greg Heffley- Main Protagonist
  • Rowley Jefferson- Main Protagonist
  • Holly Hills- Main Protagonist
  • Ella Nicholson- Main Protagonist
  • Rodrick Heffley- Main Antagonist
  • Heather Hills- Main Antagonist
  • Patty Farell- Main Antagonist
  • Dennis Root- Main Antagonist
  • Chirag Gupta
  • Bryce Anderson
  • Frank Heffley
  • Susan Heffley
  • Manny Heffley

Plot Edit

November Edit

Thursday Edit

Today is the first day back to school and it's turning out to be pretty good year. Holly Hills made up to me and along with Rowley we made a group called "Team Super". We started a comic named The Adventures Of Team Super. The first comic was about us nuking a criminal's hideout.

Friday Edit

At school their is a new girl named Ella. I assumed her to be like any other girl but I was wrong. She loves violent video games and violent movies.She is also a black belt in Karate. She had no friends and asked to join Team Super and we said she could. Today's comic was about us rescuing Ella from a burning building and Ella joining. I told Holly, Ella and Rowley to meet me at the park tomorrow.

Saturday Edit

We thought for a while about a new comic but Rodrick, Heather, Patty Farell and Dennis Root found us. They chased us and we got away in a large, hollow tree.

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