Diary of A Wimpy Kid: A New Start is a fictional book in the Wimpy Kid series by Jonny Mole and is set after The Long Haul, in Long Haul Greg had completed his school grade ( and if the series is timeless, 8th grade.In this book Greg is all set to go to Crossland Highschool and is worried about his first day there.The book covers August-November.The book's color is a mixture between red and blue, a purple like color though with more of a red hue.The choice of the color was because, the book was much the like the first book ( red ) and Rodrick plays a major role like in Rodrick Rules ( blue ), Red and Blue paints make purple.Though the color isn't confirmed and can still change.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Greg Heffley ( main protagonist ) 
  • Rodrick Heffley ( deuteragonist )
  • Frank Heffley
  • Susan Heffley
  • Manny Heffley
  • Rowley Jefferson ( tritagonist )
  • Chirag Gupta
  • Fregley
  • The Pig
  • Meckley Mingo ( main antagonist ) 


The book starts in late August, Greg is about a week away from high-school.He talks about moving on and some of his views.Later he and Rowley get kidnapped by the Mingo Kids for something bad they had done to the Mingos in Summer, but luckily a safety patrol catches the Mingo kids exposing them. Later rest of the book is focused on Greg/s school and his struggles, meanwhile Rodrick who is about to go to a college advises Greg and later after going he also keeps contact with Greg through phone.In school Greg meets with his friends Rowley and Chirag, later they are joined with Fregley, the four of them form a friendship group.

Major EventsEdit

  • Greg bonds with the pig and it also once saves the life of Rowley and Greg.
  • Greg, Rowley and Chirag befriend Fregley.
  • Greg decides to start playing sports.
  • Manny finally passes kindergarten.
  • Rodrick is going to a college.
  • Rodrick advises Greg.
  • Greg finds Holly Hills again but after a long decision decides not to try to get her attention anymore.
  • Fregley gives up his disgusting habits.
  • Mingo Kids are detained and questioned by the police, it is revealed they are run-aways from a boarding-school.
  • Greg gets a scooter, while Rowley a luxury small car.


  • This is the first time Rodrick is given a positive role.
  • Chirag re-appears after a long time since Cabin Fevers ( gap of 4 books ).
  • Greg gets his third vehicle after a big-wheel and bicycle, the vehicles is a scooter.

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