welp dident expect THIS coming today in the middle of school a anocment was maid on the speaker "please goout of the building this is not a drill" when we looked in the hall wy there was a HUGE fire we quickly ran out  as soon as the fire man came    

the princeabel said we dont have school sence it burnt down

doawk in the fire is the  darkist doawk book after the fire sented on the wrold his friends manny frank susen rodrick fregly rowly patty farrel and holly hills it leves greg all alone...quickly he went to a burnt gun shop and got some guns that still workand goes to the person who was behind this all as he shots his enimes in the book every thing was burnt even th pages and cover have burnt marks wil greg ever find him or her or will it be his worst day ever?


i went running down the stairs i hered footsteps when i finally went down i saw them they wher shooting me i saw rowly crying roped to a log with someone with a pistol ponting at his forhead he said"drop your wepons or your friend dies " i knew it was a trap so i shooted one of them he followed what he said  and shot rowly.......

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