hica is the chicken animatronic character. Her official name was officially confirmed on the forums.she apears on episodes of greg vs rodrick

Chica is a yellow chicken with a bib that says "Let's Eat!". She has two sets of teeth in her beak, the second set which may or may not be the endoskeleton's teeth, visible due to Chica's build. She is seen holding a cupcake on a platter until she begins to roam the pizzeria.shes usally seen following rodrick from his band tryouts manny calls chica a "big fat duckie" while greg calls her a "running gag"


  • Although unconfirmed, many players have speculated that the previous security guy, the (Phone Guy) currently inhabits Chica's suit, due to the second set of teeth located within her mouth, which have been proven to be part of her endoskeleton and the strange, masculine noises that Chica makes while roaming around. Though others believe that these noises are from the dead children.
  • In-game hints lead up to the fact that Chica has one of the dead children's corpses inside her. However, this hasn't been officially confirmed as of yet.
  • The term "Chica" is Spanish, which refers to "girl", which indicates that Chica is a girl.
  • Chica's gender is confirmed in the second game. A special "ladies' night" mode activates only the female animatronics. Toy Chica, "old" Chica, and Toy Foxy (Mangle) are the only ones that activate, showing that "old" Chica is female.

the only word chica knows is pizza

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