season 1Edit

Nick jr troubles

The Heffleys go to some of the worst shows on nick jr

Full mouse

The Heffleys  stay at the tanner's house

Full mouse part 2

Greg DJ uncle Jessey Roderick and Manny try to get Frank and Danny out of prison

Pony problems

The heffleys are  invaded by a pony apocalypse

Pony problems part 2

The mane 6 and the heffleys stop the evil nightmare moon

Wimpy movie the heffleys go meet their selves

Oh no video games the heffleys go to video games

Spongegreg squareheff Greg gets hired at the krusty Arab

Spongegreg squareheff part 2 

The heffleys go stop the evil plankton

Pokeheffs the heffley catch wield Philemon

Pokeheffs part 2 the heffleys defeat a gym leader

Pokeheffs part 3 the heffleys stop team rocket

We interrupt channel chasers to bring you Therese ads the heffleys explore tv ads

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