Season 1: First Premiere (2013-2014) Edit

Title Description Premiere Date Episode No.
Greg gets sprayed with a hose. Greg gets sprayed with a hose. November 17, 2013 1
Toughening Up steroids November 23, 2013 2
scared straight Greg and Rodrick get locked up. November 29, 2013 3
Mandorkian Candidate Greg gets hypnotized to do crazy stuff. December 1, 2013 4
ha is here. December 24, 2013 5
counter strike cyka blyat December 25, 2013 6
"Small Invasion" Aliens invade Greg's town January 1, 2014 7
"Sweating for Life" At his new job, Greg, his boss, and an employee are trapped in the boiler room. January 9, 2014 8
"Back Story"/"Life Plans" what have i become January 16, 2014 9
"TutankHELLmun" The Heffleys go to Hell. January 23, 2014 10
"lethal weapon 7" Greg and Rowley break a window with lethal weapon 7 - a rock. January 31, 2014 11
"Greg's Birthday" It's Greg's birthday and he gets a girlfriend. February 13, 2014 12
"Rowley. Love. Phone." Greg is not happy when Rowley is in love with his Iphone. March 2, 2014 13

Season 2: Second Sense (2014-2014)Edit

The second season consists of 10 episodes, bringing the total up to 23.

Title Description Premiere Date Episode No.
"Club Greg" Mom starts a club for "special" kids like Greg May 6, 2014 14
"Wimpy And Furious" Greg passes his driving test and gets his dream car. May 20, 2014 15
"Slam Flunked" Greg tries out for basketball. June 3, 2014 16
"Getaway Treasure" Rowley robs a bank. June 9, 2014 17
"Getaway Vandalism" The Jeffersons go insane and turn into robbers. June 16. 2014 18
"Pop" Greg gets a flat tire while driving in hell. June 30, 2014


"The Sin" Greg destroys the shop. July 15, 2014 20

"Bombs' Final Stand"

Greg buys a box of bombs. July 27, 2014 21
"Whoopsies" Greg gets a gun glued to his hand and kills a lot of people. August 12, 2014 22
"Back 2 School" Greg gets detention. August 25, 2014 23

Season 3: Third City (2015-2017)Edit

This season featured 29 episodes.
Title Description Premiere Date Episode No.
"We're Back! (Again)" Greg's family returns. January 12th, 2015 24
"Freezing Hellhole" Greg has a snow day. February 4th, 2015 25
"Theifed For Good" The Jeffersons rob a bank. They are caught and are sentenced to 23 years in prison. February 27th, 2015 26
"Gone Rowley" Greg has to live without Rowley for 23 years. March 18th, 2015 27
"EXIT RODRICK" Rodrick MOVES! April 3rd, 2015 28
"Freezing Hellhole 2" Greg has a BLIZZARD day. May 1st, 2015 29
"Cops 'N' Robbers" Greg pursuits Rodrick who went on a crime spree. It turns out he was the wrong person to pursuit him. May 24th, 2015 30
"Home Sweet Dork" Greg is trapped indoors with his crazy brother, Manny. June 12th, 2015 31
"Wimps From The Deep" A summer vacation special where Greg plays a prank on his family. July 4th, 2015 32
"Expedition Greg" The Heffleys go to outer space. July 25th, 2015 33
"Smash" The Heffleys accidently crash their rocket on their house. August 19th, 2015 34
"Back-2-School II" Greg goes back to school. August 21st, 2015 35
"NOOOOOOO!" Greg gets put in jail. September 17th, 2015 36
"The World According To Greg" Greg is shrunken. October 3rd, 2015 37
"DOAWK: The Animated Movie" Greg stars in his first-ever animated movie. October 19th, 2015 38
"DOAWK: The Animated Movie 2" Rodrick rewrites this movie to "Rodrick Rules" November 1st, 2015 39
"Dodge And Dip" The Heffleys are arrested. November 22nd, 2015 40
"Jingle SMELLS" "Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... December 14th, 2015 41
"1 2016!" Greg creates a super-special episode for the only episode in 2016. April 16th, 2016 42