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wave 1 (kingdom hearts dowak edition series amiibo) Edit










lightning mcqeean

wavee 1 (greg hotel mysteries series amiibo) Edit



normal gosht

toad portreit

king boo

e gag

hammer slammer

wave 1Edit

note: all wave 1 amiibos arnt exclusive and are common exept rowley

Greg Heffley

Rodrick Heffley

Manny Heffley

Susan Heffley

Frank Heffley

Rowley Jefferson

wave 2 Edit

Fregley exclusive at best buy

Holly Hills

chirag gupta

patty ferrel exclusive at justice

Stefonia exclusive at justice


the pig pet smart exclusive

wave 3 Edit

Kath Batchelor


Jacob Hunter

bryce anderson

ruby bird barnes & noble exclusive

Ben Williams

Joe Jefferson

giving tree guy toys R us exclusive

Feefleep The Cat

Cheekumz Heffley

Parter Nixon

wave 4 Edit

Mr Nightmare

Mr. Underwood



Mrs. Henderson

Cole Roberts

wave 5 Edit

baby rowley

rowley alt

grown up rowley

old rowley

time traveler

wave 1 (amiibo cards) Edit

Greg Heffley

Rodrick Heffley

Manny Heffley

Susan Heffley

Frank Heffley

Rowley Jefferson

pig bite

wave 2 (amiibo cards)Edit


Holly hills

Tattle turtle


Silver Greg (rare)

Gold Roderick (ultra rare)

Bronze Manny (ultra rare)

Patty Ferrell (uncommon) 

Chirac Gupta (common)

Stefonia (rare)

wave 3 ( amiibo cards)Edit

Silver stefonia (ultra rare)

Sweetie (common)

The pig (uncommon)

Mrs craig (rare)

Heavy metal magazine ( uncommon)

ruby bird (common)

giving tree guy (uncommon)


name funtionality compatable amiibos
manny's adventure taping a manny amiibo will give manny a extra ability taping other  doawk amiibo will make them assest characters taping any other amiibo will give manny that wepon or ability manny greg rodrick susen frank rowley etx
manny and the sunken scroll tapping a manny amiibo will do the same thing taping a pikachu amiibo will unlock him in game manny pikachu
Rowley's sports compatition tap a rowley amiibo to give him a new golf club the rowler taping any other amiibo  will unlock them in game all
name funtionality compatable amiibos
susen's funtime taping doawk amiibo will make them golden and go faster taping any other amiibo will unlock their track all
Five nights at rodrick's taping doawk amiibo will make them stop for 50 secends Greg Heffley Rodrick Heffley Manny HeffleySusan Heffley
rodrick'[s big blue taping a rodrick amiibo willmake him golden  Rodrick Heffley
chica girl's quest  taping any doawk amiibo will unlock them in game chica greg rodrick manny susen frank rowley
the wii u version of nba 2015 taping ether a greg or rowley amiibo will grant exclusive costumes and 30000000 coins greg rowley
rowley other demensions taping ether the baby rowley alt old or grown up rowley will send rowley to diffrent time perieds and if you have the 3DS version taping the time traveler amiibo while playing it on the wii u will use it as a time traveler

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