A Batchelor's Diary: Normal Nights
Author Andrew Batchelor
Illustrator Andrew Batchelor
Publication date April 15, 2011
Published by Penguin


Publication Order
Preceded by
School Sucks
Followed by
Good Moments


  • Andrew Batchelor
  • Zoe Smith
  • Keillor Ammie
  • Astronaut
  • Cole Roberts
  • Niamh Ferguson
  • Sammi Tait
  • Gillian Batchelor
  • Ross Batchelor
  • Stuart Batchelor
  • Smokie Batchelor (cameo)


Andrew has to stop the Astronauts


I wake up. It was difficult last night, but I blame Ross for the trouble beacause he put a sock in my mouth last night.

Anyway, it's Saturday. A wonderful day it could be today.

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